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client project

I was contracted to rebuild the company website for DFS Flooring. I rebuilt it as a traditional website with a modern design and development technique.

Their original site was built on a hosting service that offered a type of CMS and most of the media was presented using Adobe Flash. With the recent announcement of Adobe Flash no longer being supported next year, this redesign came just at the right time for them.

The site was built using modern techniques and design principles. It is built entirely by hand using HTML for structure, CSS for styling, JS for interaction, and PHP for backend scripting. The site displays content through cards. which I chose to best encapsulate information and ensure easy navigation for users. There are a lot of images to showcase their work – this is most prominent on their portfolio page which has a gallery at the top, as well as 6 hidden galleries for each industry they work in. It was also designed to be responsive, so it looks good on any size screen.

Lastly, I implemented a contact form and Google Maps API on their contact page. This makes the page stand out and engages users more.

Once the site was stable, I uploaded a live version that my contact at DFS Flooring and the company executives could see. This allowed them to see what the final product would look like in a live environment as well as request any final changes.

All of the copy and content is DFS Flooring’s. My role was to redesign the site and launch it. We were able to attain this through a successful partnership on the project.

You can view their new website at