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Updates to my website and what I have been doing lately.

It’s been a little while… again. More good things going on over here, but it has messed with my schedule, and I am trying to get back on track. I am still working full time with the State of California and developing web content on the side. I’m mostly learning new things, but I feel like I need to start creating to get ahead in this area. I have a decent amount of knowledge but not a comparable amount of practical experience.

I am planning out more articles in the coming weeks and will hopefully stay on top of this schedule going forward. My goal is to have a post once every one to two weeks, plus more dev updates on smaller projects I am working on. I have been delving into WordPress and Laravel and have enjoyed learning about what these tools can do for developers and non-developers alike.

I am also working on a couple projects. One is a transition of this site over to WordPress. This will allow for better content management and will open up the site to interaction from visitors. I don’t have an ETA on when that will go live, but it is in process. My Dev Diaries expansion will be a large part of this move.

The second is a web application I am fleshing out in Laravel. Not ready to share details, but I am pretty excited. It is a passion project for me, and I am excited to be developing it from the ground up and planning for the future.

The other main part of this article is to announce two new features I have added to the site. There is now a Privacy Policy hosted through Iubenda.com. I want to be transparent and open about what I am doing with the site and how user data is handled. I will be adding a cookie policy in the future as well, for added transparency.

The second is that I have added Google Analytics tracking to measure the site’s growth. I am hoping with these new features that I can be more engaged with the site and provide more content. Google Analytics will help in planning for that growth.

I will continue to extend these and add more features as time goes on. I will post status updates at those times as well.

If you haven’t been here before, check out some of my prior articles. I cover a broad range of topics and enjoy sharing what I am passionate about.