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I created my first website after graduating with my Bachelor's in IT Software Development from WGU.

Here it is – my professional portfolio site is up and running at! I attained my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology/Software Development from Western Governor’s University at the end of August, and since then, I have been on the job hunt and getting this website going. It was an exercise in patience and diligence that has certainly paid off. This site showcases my projects, clients, and services, and there is a contact form so clients can submit inquiries or proposals hassle-free. The last section, which is where you are now, are my dev diaries. The articles will mostly focus on my developer journey, but also life events and other topics of interest to me. This will give you a deeper look into who I am. I am not just a faceless dev, but a family man who wants to make a living doing something I enjoy.

I hand coded the site in standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript (a little jQuery for animations but not much). I used PHP for the contact form and submission. I created all the icons and images myself, tapping into my graphic design reserves. I took extra care planning the formatting, layouts, and fonts to ensure a pleasurable experience for my visitors. The site went through a couple revisions over the last two and a half months, but it has been well worth it. I host the site on a virtual server with DigitalOcean, where I manage everything. I have enjoyed the exposure to Linux and managing my own I.T. infrastructure. Overall, this process has shown me that I am making the right career choice – it is both challenging and very rewarding.

I will add projects and clients as time goes on and will fine tune my services as I gain more experience. I am new to the professional dev world, but I am one who enjoys learning new things and taking on challenges. The website will also see updates as I delve into different technologies and incorporate them into the site.

Check back here regularly for updates on what I am doing.